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Bill Gates had watch problems

EsaJii kirjoitti noin 17 vuotta sitten (3 kommenttia)
Seattle, WA -- Gates gets mad at digital watch.

Having accidentally turned on the hourly chime on his moderately priced digital watch, Bill Gates was unable to turn it off. He threw the watch in a rage into the trash can in his garage, where it is still beeping every hour. Mr. Gates is using his cell phone/palm device for a watch until he has time to shop for a Swiss watch with hands.

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    harmaa kirjoitti noin 17 vuotta sitten+/- saldo : 0
    Cool story, though I have a hard time believing it: mr. Gates is well known for being a technology nerd and every technology nerd knows by instinct how to operate digital devices, at least as simple ones as watches. Maybe mr. mr. Gates isn't as technology-oriented as his public image suggests?

    Anonyymi kirjoitti noin 17 vuotta sitten+/- saldo : 0
    Well, I'm sure he would have figured it out with his better glasses on. He had trouble seeing small icons. Mr. Gates' groundskeeper Juan retrieved the watch from the garbage and put it on. He gave it to his friend to fix. The watch had five numbered alarms plus an unnumbered sixth, the hourly chime.

    Jammo kirjoitti noin 17 vuotta sitten+/- saldo : 0
    Bill got pissed off by the latest statistics concerning the iPod usage among Microsoft employees: 70 % of those who use a portable player have opted for Apple's hit product.