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Hasil Adkins

EsaJii kirjoitti noin 19 vuotta sitten (0 kommenttia)
"Maan läheistä" rockia soitellut Adkins kuoli juuri. Raitoja löytyy vanhan rockin kokoelmilta kai. Omistan yhden raidan.

...Miller and Linna tracked down Adkins, and discovered there was a lot more musical insanity where that 45 came from; they were enthusiastic enough to compile an album's worth of Hasil's home recordings from the 1950s and '60s, and 1986's Out to Hunch became the first album from their new record label, Norton Records. Featuring "She Said," "The Hunch," and three different songs about gals having their heads chopped off, Out to Hunch became an underground success, and a year later Miller and Linna brought Hasil to New York City to play a few live shows and record his first session in a proper studio, which became the album The Wild Man.

Adkins was a now a bona fide cult hero, and began touring regularly and releasing further albums, though his prodigious consumption of alcohol, coffee, and cigarettes (as well as his obsessive fondness for red meat) did little to make the middle-aged rocker a stable and reliable presence; stories of crazed shows, tossed guitars, and boozy antics loom large in the Adkins legend, as do tales of his primitive existence in West Virginia, where he was said to go fishing while watching Wheel of Fortune on TV through the magic of extension cords. In the early '90s, Adkins signed a deal with I.R.S. Records, but the label folded before they could release the album he made for them; Hasil had a more positive experience with the Mississippi blues label Fat Possum, which not only recorded and released 1999's What the Hell Was I Thinking?, but put Adkins on the road as part of a package tour with T-Model Ford and Elmo Williams.

In 2000, Hasil returned to Norton with the release of Poultry in Motion, which compiled six new recordings with eight vintage tracks, all of which concerned Hasil's favorite dish, chicken. Sadly, these proved to be the last new Hasil Adkins recordings released in his lifetime; the wild man was found dead in his Madison home on April 26, 2005. "

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