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Lettermanin COWBOY vitsejä

tällä viikolla

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    Kai sinä tiedät että Suomessa on poikkeuslaki ja kaikkien on vain katsottava Conan O'Brienia!

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    No joo. Oliskohan Conanin nettisivulla suomivitsejä?

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    samassa linkissä, firman joulujuhlissa:
    Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear At Your Office Christmas Party

    10. "I think the icing on this cake is wite-out"

    9. "The bar will be open from 9:00 to 9:05"

    8. "I've never seen chunky egg nog before"

    7. "My New Year's resolution is to stop videotaping the men's room"

    6. "Ooh, another windbreaker with the company logo - - This will help me put my kids through college"

    5. "You're supposed to sit naked on the xerox machine, not the shredder"

    4. "Put on Regis Philbin's Christmas album"

    3. "Why is Shecky naked?"

    2. "There's Letterman - - Get him!"

    1. "Yeah, a glass of watery cider and a cookie makes up for a year of bull**it"

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    Jos olis jaksanut klo 22 jälkeen katsoa, Dave pisti kameran housuihin ja verta lensi

    tosin ne oli kaks eri sketsiä

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    Letterman tällä viikolla ..uudenvuodenlupauksia

    Top Ten George W. Bush New Year's Resolutions

    10. Fewer decisions based on wild, drunken hunches

    9. Have N.S.A. find out what really happened between Nick and Jessica

    8. Stop using Situation Room monitors to play X-Box 360

    7. More C-SPAN, less "Yes, Dear"

    6. Team up with leading scientists to make Cheetos even cheesier

    5. To capture and bring to justice King Kong

    4. Beat the twins at beer pong

    3. Respond to reporters questions with, "Bitch, don't go there"

    2. Scale back on grueling 12-hour work week

    1. "Who needs resolutons? Everythng is fine"

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    Yks vielä tässä kuussa

    Top Ten Things Elvis Would Say If He Were Alive Today

    10. "Turn on Regis -- I feel like some target practice"

    9. "Wow, Canada really does offer great savings on prescription drugs!"

    8. "Why do I have to pay $35 to get into my own house?"

    7. "From now on I want to be known as E. Diddy"

    6. "Tell Cybill Shepherd to get her ass over here. King wants some lovin"

    5. "Big Mac, 9-piece McNugget and do you have Whoppers or is that the other guys?"

    4. "Doctors don't know anything -- all cholesterol is "good" cholesterol"

    3. "John Wayne never would have made a cowboy movie"

    2. "My daughter married who?"

    1. "Sonny! Red! Get me out of this coffin!"

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    Kun joudut huonoon videoon esiintymään

    varo Parisin apinaa...

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    Tällä vikolla. Nimet joita ette tunne ovat urheilusta.

    Top Ten Surprising Facts About Osama Bin Laden

    10. Plans to release next threatening videotape in high-definition

    9. In the seventies, had a gay fling with the blind sheikh

    8. Secretly likes Kosher pickles

    7. Middle name: Duane

    6. Stole "Death to America" catchphrase from Fran Tarkenton

    5. Got cave hooked up with Sirius so he can listen to Howard Stern

    4. Knows all the words to the Black Eyed Peas song "My Humps"

    3. After Colts loss to Steelers, declared jihad on Mike Vanderjagt

    2. Has a bumper sticker that reads, "Don't blame me, I voted for Kerry"

    1. The son-of-a-bitch is still alive

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    Talk show isännän arkipäivää

    Top Ten Things I Have Learned In The Last 24 Years

    10. If you want a month off, try quintuple bypass surgery

    9. An exotic animal taking a leak on your desk equals comedy gold

    8. Before makeup, Regis looks like an Arizona drifter

    7. Treat the audience to free iPods

    6. We can't afford free iPods

    5. The only thing funnier than a horny president is an idiot president

    4. Number 4 in the Top Ten is never funny

    3. Rehearsal is for sissies

    2. Martha taught me there's no sex better than "I'm outta the joint" sex

    1. CBS will tolerate a bad talk show longer than NBC

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