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Ersen : s/t

Hezzu kirjoitti noin 5 vuotta sitten (2 kommenttia)
Kokoelma turkkilaisartistin 70-luvun tuotannosta, taitavat olla sinkkubiisejä kaikki.

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    retrou kirjoitti noin 5 vuotta sitten+/- saldo : 0
    Hyvää psykefunkrokkia kyllä. Lieköhän Ersen muuten norjalaista sukujuurta? :-P

    Hezzu kirjoitti noin 5 vuotta sitten+/- saldo : 0
    "In Turkey everybody seems to hate Ersen but that's weird; nobody can give some resonable answer when you ask for the reasons.

    There was a politic camp all along the 70's which put Mogollar, Cem Karaca and Selda on the left wing; while Ersen and Baris Manco are located on the right wing. (Civil war era which ended in 1980 when army took over). That was not a clear discrimination for the latter two but Ersen turned out to be loser at the end of the story.

    Then in 80's, Ersen came on the surface to perform for army parties and police balls. He started to work with tavern musicians who had low quality and that made his bitter end. (Manco became a mediatic hero in 80's then died like a king in 1999, Mogollar disappeared until 1992 and Cem Karaca was in exile until 1987.) The last thing we heared that Ersen was living in Istanbul and dealing with financial exercises with brokers; but not doing music anymore."

    "That's true, may be not a hate, but let's say many people don't like him as they like Erkin, Baris, Cem, Edip and the others. That's about Ersen's changeable life style. Erkin was always a rocker, performed as a rocker, lived as a rocker, sometimes in very hard life conditions. Cem was following his political ideas, some of his songs were forbidden, he had to live out of his country for a while. Baris was always in the hearts of the people even after his death. Edip was the same humanly person 30 years ago and today... But Ersen had many different faces, mostly depending to the winds blowing in the country. It was possible to see him beside the democrat ideas, later while acclaiming the military administration. Recently, since a few years he is a religious Muslim. Just like his musical life, rock, pop, folk, arabesque..
    Anyway, Ersen is an important performer with his nice Anatolian Rock songs during his early period. I like that works, and, his life style is in his responsibility."