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Henry Cow : 40th Anniversary Box Vol. 6: Stockholm & Goteborg

Kcrimso kirjoitti noin 8 vuotta sitten (0 kommenttia)
Sisältää Tim Hodginsonin supermonimutkaisen sävellyksen nimeltä Erk Gah joka ei koskaan päätynyt Henry Cown studioalbumille asti. Biisin nimeen liittyy hauska tarina:
Tim Hodgkinson composed "Erk Gah" to include scores for each of the instruments featured in Henry Cow, including the drums.[9] When guitarist Fred Frith looked at his part at the first rehearsal of the piece in 1976, he cried out "Erk Gah" in the same way that Don Martin's cartoon characters express shook and dismay.[2] Frith's utterance became the composition's provisional title, and then the working title, which remained until Henry Cow broke up in 1978.

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