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Dream Theater : Black Clouds & Silver Linings

retrou kirjoitti noin 14 vuotta sitten (2 kommenttia)
Levystä on tehty uusi dynaamisempi remiksaus/remasterointi:

Remixed & Remastered from the isolated audio stems - This community edition of the tracks was made with the intent of incorporating some pre-1990 sonic elements of rock/metal recordings where suitable, and to increase dynamic range - resulting in approx 13db Dynamic Range (DR Meter).

Of course, some may love it, some may not - it is just another edition to try at the end of the day - however hopefully people will be able to hear the music and compositions in a new way, and hopefully also in a more enjoyable way.

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    JiiPee kirjoitti noin 10 vuotta sitten+/- saldo : 0
    "The Best of Times" on parasta DT:tä.

    R2-D2 kirjoitti noin 9 vuotta sitten+/- saldo : 0
    Tää on tylsä.